Omega Strikers is coming to Nintendo Switch this spring

The Nintendo Switch port of Omega Strikers will be coming to the platform on April 27.

Omega Strikers is the top-down fast-paced soccer game from Odyssey Interactive; bringing to mind similar titles like Windjammers.

Players choose from a cast of colorful characters with their own unique powers, strengths, and weaknesses.

Players face off in a 3v3 match on various stages with their own quirks and obstacles. Matches take only a few minutes meaning players won’t have to take long to find a new one (or suffer through a losing match).

We had the chance to preview this game if you want a deeper look at the gameplay and mechanics. You can find that here.

Omega Strikers has been announced for Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It’s unsure if the game will be coming to PlayStation or Xbox.



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