Omega Labyrinth Life Coming to PS4 Censored Alongside Uncensored Switch Version

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D3 Publisher announced that Omega Labyrinth Life is getting a censored version on PlayStation 4, alongside the previously announced Nintendo Switch version – which remains uncensored.

The PS4 version has a shorter title to match the content cut – Labyrinth Life, while the Switch version is still called Omega Labyrinth Life.

While the PS4 version is being touted as something you can play at your “parents” house with no concerns, the Switch version is touted as having all the bouncing breasts.

The Switch version will have all the normal artwork and armor break artwork, while the PS4 version only has the normal artwork.

The Switch version also has touch events, which are completely removed from the PS4 version. The Switch version also has the boob-appraisal system (with its own touch events), and the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Boobs” feature – which is being changed for PS4.

Both games have the hot spring events and artwork, however the PS4 version will have those toned down as well.

The PS4 version will reportedly have some boobs, but will be safe enough to play in front of others. The core mechanics of the breasts growing or shrinking will be in both versions, however the PS4 version’s artwork and scenes will be toned down.

Omega Labyrinth Life and Labyrinth Life are launching in Japan on August 1st, 2019.



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