Old School Runescape – Tzhaar Fight Cave Guide

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As you are busy navigating through Gielinor slaying demons and raking in copious amounts of Old School Runescape gold (OSRS Gold), you may be unaware of what many consider to be one of the hardest mini-games the game has to offer. This is known as the TzHaar Fight Cave and it will take considerable preparation for you to overcome. Thankfully, we’ve got a helpful guide that will give you the information you need to take it on!

What is the TzHaar Fight Cave?

The TzHaar Fight Cave is deemed by many to be one of the most difficult TzHaar fight cave minigame in OSRS. To beat it, you will need to be armed and ready. Decent equipment and combat skills should already be a part of your arsenal, and there are a few things that you will want to avoid. Players have to tackle wave after wave of battle. You must also make sure you don’t log out manually as this will mean the current wave will have to be repeated. Logging out during the fighting in the caves will see you logged out at the end of the wave breakdown.

The mini-game is rather time-consuming and can take players a couple of hours to complete. Not only that, but it is a sufficient drain on your resources as you’ll need a hefty amount of potions to see you through. This too is dependent on how experienced you are with the game, seeing as reaching Jad can take many hours more if you have low Ranged levels. Using Prayer protection is vital, which is something that even die-hard players fail to do.

How should I prepare for the Fight Cave?

As previously mentioned, using Ranged is pivotal in the Tzhaar City Fight Cave. The reason is that it will give players the opportunity to take a more distant approach to the monsters within. Seeing as you are faced with waves of enemies, a melee approach would be a rather difficult way to tackle the cave. You need to also consider conserving your resources and food, so Ranged is definitely the method for you to take.

As far as your stats are concerned, you should consider reaching at least 75 Ranged for this. It is also suggested that you have 75 Hit Points, 60 Prayer, and 70 Defence. There is also the tactic of using Gunthan‘s equipment combined with a Ranged approach. Of course, there are a number of weapons that could come in very handy, like the Dragon Halberd or the Saradomin Godsword. There is a number of bows that can be put to good use as well. The Toxic Blowpipe can also be useful, as it has a high attack speed and the venom can dish out extra damage.

However, with Gunthan’s Warspear, you have the chance to heal yourself for the same amount of damage that you inflict. If you are to choose this method, then you must take Infestation set pieces for it to be of any use. Either way, having a weapon that heals also will make sure that you can conserve your potions wherever possible. There are a couple of drawbacks to using the Warspear, however, as it is not only a two-handed weapon (meaning that you won’t be able to equip a shield at the same time), but it also takes up four inventory slots seeing as you need the other set pieces for it to work.

How do I defeat TzTok-Jad and the OSRS Fight Caves?

Within the Fight Caves OSRS, players will have to scrap their way through a massive 62 waves of monsters, of which will be in a level range of 22 up to 360. As the monsters that inhabit these caves are high on Strength and Attack, the aforementioned Ranged method is the best one to adopt. Thankfully, the monsters’ Defence ratings tend to be pretty low, so they aren’t particularly hard to kill.

Ultimately, your goal is to reach TzTok-Jad, the final boss of the cave. Reaching Jad and examining it will reveal a message stating “This is going to hurt…” which could ring true if you are not fully prepared. It is most certainly doable, but underestimate Jad at your own risk; the beast is considered to be one of the toughest in the entire game!

The good news about Jad is that he has a number of tells before his attacks, which will alert the player as to which correct protection prayer to use. For example, when Jad is about to use Magic, he will stand up on hind legs, or you’ll notice cracks beginning to appear when the monsters spawning is about to use Ranged attacks.

What is the Fire Cape?

For overcoming the Fight Caves, you will receive an item called the Fire Cape. This is a melee cape, which is one of the best capes you can possibly obtain in RuneScape. The OSRS Fire cape will be awarded for defeating TzTok-Jad, though you will not receive it should you die at the same time as the boss, so be careful! The Runescape Fire Cape does have a lot to offer, with several Attack and Defence bonuses, including +11 Ranged and protect from Magic Defence!

Overall, if you are looking to take a break from the constant grind for Old School RuneScape Gold (OSRS Gold), you can take on this mini-game. This short guide should have you well prepared. Focus on your Ranged and you’ll make it through, with a powerful cape awaiting you at the end!



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