Old DRM Has Made Tron: Evolution Game Unplayable

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The 2010-released video game adaptation for the Tron movie sequel, Tron: Evolution, has been recently discovered to be unplayable for PC. Fans can’t play the game now to old DRM that has made the game unplayable for players looking to return to the game.

The game uses SecuROM, a formerly popular DRM (digital rights management) system implemented by developers and publishers during the 2000s. Apparently, Disney has stopped providing authentication for SecuROM, as they revoked their subscription service. This means anyone reinstalling the game in the year 2019 or later is basically screwed.

Players for the game over on Steam reached out to SecuROM and got a response:

“Unfortunately, Disney decided not to use SecuROM any further,” SecuROM reportedly said. “Best would be to contact Disney to get a refund for your purchase or convince them to release an unprotected version of the game.”

Other digital distribution platforms like CD Projekt RED’s popular GOG service offer digital games for Windows PC without digital rights management. Oftentimes said DRM can impact performance of games if not implemented properly, and in some cases – like with Tron: Evolution – even make the games unplayable due to licensing.

We’ve reached out to Disney and SecuROM for a comment but haven’t heard back – we’ll update you if we get a statement.

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