OG Fortnite Week 4 Quest Guide

OG Fortnite‘s last week of quests is here, so it’s about time we wrap things up and finish collecting our Spectra Knight rewards.

This last week features some slightly difficult quests, but there’s nothing to worry about, especially when we compiled a guide on how to clear this last batch of missions.

Below you can view the last set of weekly quests, as well as our recommended way of clearing them:

Collect ammo:

This one is mostly a freebie, as collecting ammo is a part of every regular match.

If you do want to speed things up, consider looking for the small ammo boxes, they can usually be found near shelves or on top of tables.

This is a quest that can be actively pursued or passively completed just by regularly playing the game, and shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Deal damage to enemy players with Assault Rifles:

As usual, we have a weekly quest with a weapon-specific requirement. At the very least, we are not dealing with sniper rifles.

Thankfully, the assault rifles are some of the least unruly weapons in Fortnite, and happen to be really good long-range damage dealers, so you should be fine.

An assault rifle fits in mostly every loadout, and even though it takes some time to get used to it, especially if you prefer shotguns, it isn’t too tough to use.

Travel distance with pickaxe equipped:

This one is a bit of a weird quest, but can be done passively as long as you remember to switch in time.

Running around with a pickaxe is not ideal in a regular match, especially because the switching animation between melee weapons and guns is quite long, but as long as you manage to sniff out opponents you should be fine.

Clearing this quest is definitely going to keep you at a disadvantage when trying to win matches, but it’s nothing too crazy. It’s recommended that you keep your gun in hand while exploring areas full of players, and only switch to your pickaxe when traveling from place to place, as you are less likely to find opponents in non-named areas.

Search a chest or ammo box within 45 seconds of landing in different matches:

Another weird quest, which requires you to land on very specific places.

Getting to a chest or ammo box within 45 seconds of landing is definitely a tall order, but luckily you don’t have to hurry.

For this quest, we recommend landing on named locations, and lingering in the air for a little while to spot chests from above. Don’t liner for too long, though, as someone with the same idea might steal a chest from you.

Outlast opponents:

This is a tricky quest, and your mileage may vary depending on your skill.

Outlasting opponents can be done by either killing everyone you come in contact with, or by hiding and avoiding fights.

Getting a top 10 ranking shouldn’t be too difficult, especially considering how every match has a few AFK players. The time it takes to this one will simply depend on how good you are at the game, but could still be completed passively just by doing your best.

Damage opponents from 15 meters or less:

This quest can theoretically be done with any weapon, but of course, there’s a right tool for the job.

Shotgun players immediately know what they have to do to complete this quest, and will probably get it done before they even realize it, as the weapon benefits an up-close and personal playstyle.

If you don’t enjoy using shotguns, then perhaps an SMG can also serve as your preferred tool for this quest, just gotta get your hands dirty.

We hope you had fun with this entire month of questing, and that your Spectra Knight is looking fantastic with all of the unlocked styles and colors. We’ll continue to cover weekly quests for Fortnite’s next season, so don’t worry, more guides are on the way, see you next month.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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