OG Fortnite Week 3 Quest Guide

OG Fortnite Week 3 Quests weekly

The third week of OG Fortnite‘s weekly quests is upon is, and with it we get new rewards for the Spectra Knight modular skin, a highlight of the current season.

Fortnite‘s third week brings six more quests, which will give you a total of 200 thousand XP points for your OG Battle Pass Progression.

These quests tend to be tricky at times, so we put together a guide with each quest, as well as our recommended way of clearing it, which you can find below:

Damage opponents with Shotguns:

Starting off with an easy one, your first quest requires you to damage players with a shotgun.

The shotgun is one of the best weapons for dealing raw damage in Fortnite, sometimes outputting upwards of 80 damage per shot if you are close enough to the enemy.

Using a shotgun correctly definitely requires a unique and risky playstyle, but players who choose to engage their opponents in up close and personal fights will have this quest done in no time.

Travel distance while sliding or crouched:

This one is an absolute freebie, as it just requires you to run and slide around for a while.

The best place to complete this quest is in any large open area, preferably a little later in the match where it becomes harder to find players.

If you don’t feel like sliding around for a while, you most likely will complete the quest simply by playing around normally, as sliding is an important tool that you should be using during firefights.

Hit Weak Points:

Another freebie quest, as it simply requires you to hit the Weak Points in breakable objects.

For those unfamiliar, Weak Points show up as a blue circle in any object you hit with your pickaxe. There’s a big incentive to breaking objects while playing the Battle Royale modes with building enabled, so you are bound to get it just by playing matches regularly.

Restore health:

This quest can be extremely straightforward or extremely difficult depending on your playstyle, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble either way.

Players who constantly find themselves engaging enemies head-on will be able to complete this easily, as healing is a massive part of the moment-to-moment gameplay during Fortnite‘s matches, but players who avoid fights will have a harder time.

The best advice that we can give is to get out there and get your hands dirty, as you can only complete this quest if you face enemies and survive to be able to heal afterwards.

Damage opponents from 30 meters or more:

These quests are always rough, as they usually require players to pick up a Sniper Rifle, one of the hardest weapons to use, so they can complete it.

Luckily, Sniper Rifles aren’t the only long-range weapons in Fortnite, and you can safely complete this quest by using other weapons.

Going up to a high place and sniping players with the bow would be the best option, but they have been unfortunately removed in the OG season, making your best best to use either an assault rifle or flintlock pistol, as they both have a high range and don’t require the best aim.

Survive Storm Circles:

This is another quest that shouldn’t be too difficult for players that are used to winning matches.

Even if you aren’t super good at the game, surviving Storm Circles doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to defeat everyone you encounter, as simply avoiding conflict is also a good way to stay alive during matches.

Completing all Week 3 quests nets you multiple rewards, including an alternative helmet for the Spectra Knight skin, as well as a different outfit and banner icon. We hope you managed to clear these without much trouble, and that our guide helped you out.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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