OG Fortnite Week 1 Quest Guide

OG Fortnite Week 1 Quest Guide

Fortnite goes back to its roots by bringing back the original Chapter 1 map, as part of the OG Fortnite event, which comes with quests, a new season pass, and new skins.

The first week of OG Fortnite‘s quests is now available, so we decided to compile a guide on how to clear all of them.

Below you can find each quest, as well as our recommended method of clearing them:

Discover named locations:

This is an easy one, and you’ll probably complete it naturally just by playing the game.

Essentially you just have to land or travel to named locations on the map, which shouldn’t give you much trouble. Use this as a way to get used to the old map again, or to learn it from scratch if you weren’t around for the game’s first season.

Damage opponents with Pistols or Sniper Rifles:

Possibly the most inconvenient of the Week 1 quests if you don’t like playing with these weapons, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Pistols do a lot of damage, even on body shots, but don’t require your aim to be as good as a Sniper Rifle. Sneaking up on unsuspecting players and unloading on them is your best bet for this challenge. Hopefully you might even get good at using a different weapon type.

Travel Distance while sprinting:

This one is a freebie, as you simply just have to sprint around a lot. It’s probably one of the first quests you’ll complete, just by playing the game.

This quest goes well with the one that requires you to discover named locations, as you can sprint with a set location in mind, and in no time, you’ll have it completed.

Search chests:

This one is pretty straightforward as well, and is another one that you will complete without even realizing.

If you are playing the game right, you are probably already searching loads of chests, and landing on named locations gives you a higher chance of finding them.

Fortnite also features accessibility settings which display a visual indicator of where chests are, which is really handy for finding them without having to pay a lot of attention.

Gain shields:

Another freebie of a quest, and you’ll probably get it done in less than two matches.

Simply land and top up your shields twice. That’s about it, easy as pie.

Deal damage to opponents:

Another straightforward quest, which just requires you to go out there and get your hands dirty.

You can purposefully extend your encounters with players that you don’t deem a threat by letting them heal so you can deal more damage to them.

It may be cruel, but hey, anything to complete the quest. Alternatively, you can just play the game like normal, throwing yourself into every shootout you can.

Completing all Week 1 quests nets you multiple rewards, including an alternative helmet for the Spectra Knight skin. The OG Pass requires you to complete 5 sets of weekly quests to receive all rewards, and we’ll have guides for all of them.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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