Octopath Traveler Producer Teases Non-Switch Games in Development

While the Octopath Traveler team has been predominantly developing games for Nintendo platforms for the majority of their run, a new interview teases games on non-Switch platforms from the Square Enix team.

“As you may know at first the team was just the Bravely Default team, it was just a development team and not a division,” Game co-producer Masashi Takahashi said to Eurogamer. “But because the game did well and sold well we became a special division. Yes, we worked on Octopath Traveler and we’re working on Switch titles, but that doesn’t mean we’re only working on Switch titles.”

Takahashi previously noted that Octopath Traveler “is a finished product,” and as such will have zero post-launch downloadable content. However, he noted for the game to become a series it will naturally depend on how well it sells.

“We really want the first concept we sell at full price to be 100 per cent of the game, so there won’t be any DLC in the future,” Takahashi said. “As for Octopath as a series, it depends on the sales – if the players like the game it could be an opportunity, yes. But it’s still not out yet, so we’ll see!”

In regards to the future works of his team, Business Division 11, Takahashi said that they have no intent on making another Final Fantasy game. Instead, they want to focus on new IPs.

“To tell the truth I’ve no intention and no wish to go back to the Final Fantasy franchise,” Takahashi said. “After my studio became a division, and Square told us to make new IPs. There’s no need and no intention to go back to Final Fantasy. A lot of people ask us to do a remake of FFinal Fantasy VI with this kind of graphics. My role, though, is to make new ideas. I hope that people who enjoy RPGs will grow up with their kids, and be able to pass that on.”

Octopath Traveler launches for Nintendo Switch on July 13th. In case you missed it, you can find our hands-on preview for the game here. Expect a thorough review from us for Octopath Traveler in the coming days.



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