Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox to Announce New Game at GDC 2016

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Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment are set to announce a new game at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

A curious personality test was published on Paradox’s website, which begins with an ominous question:


Evil is not a definable concept. As many of our grand strategy players might tell you, it’s more of a viewpoint-thing. Regardless, we’d like to know your potential for what would commonly be considered evil deeds, so we put together this short, highly scientific test! Rest assured the results will only be used for terrible, terrible things.

The short personality test poses four questions that all gauge the amount of humanity you have, ranging from needlessly killing other humans for sport, hoarding limited food supplies for yourself, punishing rude baristas, unwinding (via some ridiculous options) after having a bad day, and punishing subordinates of yours for not following precise orders.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll be greeted by a time and date for the announcement: March 15th, 5PM Pacific (which is the time zone of the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco). The announcement will be livestreamed via Twitch.

All of these questions point to the running theme of your humanity in White Wolf’s World of Darkness franchise of vampire properties, which Paradox Interactive purchased from CCP Games (Editor’s Note: Despite this, Paradox is denying that the game is White Wolf-related, we’ve asked for a comment).

Could we be seeing a Vampire RPG from Obsidian Entertainment? Hopefully so! We’ll know at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.



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