Nvidia is bringing GeForce Now cloud gaming to cars


Nvidia has announced their GeForce Now cloud gaming service will be available in select vehicles during CES 2023.

They’ve partnered with Hyundai Motor Group, BYD, and Polestar to bring gaming into their lineup of cars, which is available now and does not require any special equipment to use.

Here’s the trailer announcement:

As the trailer shows, users would be able to play video games regardless of where they’re sitting in the car.

Of course it goes without saying that one shouldn’t game while driving, nor can they as the company notes “drivers and front seat passengers can access games while parked or charging.”

While some doubts for cloud gaming have arisen due to the closure of Google Stadia, this is indeed one use case where it is good due to space limitations in cars if one doesn’t like using handheld hardware.

Nvidia GeForce Now is available on most computer platforms for a subscription fee starting at $9.99 a month, with a free option with limited session lengths.

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