Numskull Bubble Head Nurse statue is beautiful and bloody

Numskull Bubble Head Nurse statue

We’ve learned a Numskull Bubble Head Nurse statue, an officially licensed Konami product, is available for pre-order.

At first glance we are absolutely blown away at the amount of detail captured in the Numskull Bubble Head Nurse statue. This is not one of those mass produced statues that will be gathering dust at your local GameStop next to the Funko Pops. The hand-painted bloodstained and dirt smeared nurse’s uniform along with the iconic stance and toppling hospital trolley perfectly captures the fear and suspense of the Silent Hill franchise.

The statue stands at 9 inches (22.9 cm) in her signature warped pose wielding her metal pipe. The Bubble Head Nurse of Brookhaven Hospital has been terrifying gamers for over 20 years and this statue will be an excellent addition to the Silent Hill fan’s collection and for 100 bucks won’t break the wallet.

Here’s a sizzle reel showing off the Numskull Bubble Head Nurse statue:

The Numskull Bubble Head Nurse statue is expected to ship sometime in September 2022, and is available at many online retailers and directly through Numskull’s website.

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