Nukitashi anime adaptation revealed


Nukitashi anime

An official Nukitashi anime adaptation has been announced, based on the adult eroge visual novel of the same name.

Developer Qruppo released the game in 2018, with Shiravune releasing it on Johren and Steam, and the 2019 sequel is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024.

Nukitashi is about an island paradise where “perverse sex” is legally allowed, and the protagonist is a male who believes in “pure love” and attempts to evade these laws, except those who do are arrested.

Here’s a full look at the official visual:

A brief trailer was also uploaded online:

It’s not confirmed if this will be a “hentai” adaptation with sex scenes or a sanitized adaptation that removes the sex, though, this wouldn’t be the first time of the latter, as such an anime was made for the popular Nekopara eroge.

An air date for the new Nukitashi anime wasn’t announced.



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