Nowhere Seems Like a Fantastic Trip

Imagine a game where you play as an abstract creature ,who lives inside other abstract creatures, and has other abstract creatures living inside of it. Imagine making choices about how to survive and thrive that effect your very form. Imagine how that would effect those with in or without you.

Imagine that when you die you will be reborn as one of those other creatures living with the consequences of your previous actions. That’s what Nowhere developers Duangle are asking you to do.

You can read more about the game and its eccentric developers here. Nowhere is currently being crowd funded through the above site. It seems like an unreasonable game, but if you had suggested Minecraft to me a few years ago, I would have told you that would have been impossible too.

Duangle does have an Alpha build available that you will have instant access to upon buying in, so there’s that. We haven’t played the game yet though. We shall, if only to know what a video game made by Timothy Leary would be like.

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