No, War Thunder didn’t leak the VT-4 Tank manual

War Thunder

War Thunder, the military vehicle sim famous for its dedicated fan base that’s more than willing to win an argument with classified documents actually didn’t leak something this time.

Orbiters of the War Thunder community have begun to rumble about a possible leak of the manual for the Chinese VT-4 tank. However that isn’t the whole story.

One user posted pages from a Thai manual for the VT-4. This particular manual is allegedly readily available, and for a model that is slightly different than the VT-4 reserved for the Chinese military.

This hasn’t stopped people from (understandably) assuming War Thunder is leaking classified documents yet again.

War Thunder VT-4

Previous leaks have either been classified, or at the very least embargoed to non-NATO countries, this time the manual seems readily available and possibly unreliable. So far, the War Thunder community has begun picking apart the documents and spotting alleged downgrades for the Thai version of the VT-4 model. The biggest takeaway is that some users really want the VT-4 to reload faster.

War Thunder has been available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via Steam), Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.



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