No, Violent Video Games Don’t Cause Gun Violence


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The regular naysayers imploring the public to be wary of violent video games and their potential to lead our youth to violent actions have struck again, this time via The Daily Beast and their ludicrous new piece “Are Video Games Breeding an Assassination Generation?”

First and foremost, let me absolutely clear with you: this has not been proven through any scientific method. While correlations might exist, playing violent video games does not lead to violent behavior.


Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 2

As an example let’s go back to this previous summer. A lot of things happen during the summer: it was very hot during the summer, a lot of ice cream sales were made, and lots of people went to the beach during the summer.

Finally, during the summer fights often breakout, tempers flare, and road rage occurs more frequently. Now it could be assumed that because ice cream sales are high fights will break out. It could also be assumed that people at the beach fight a lot.

doom 05-16-16-5

id Software’s 2016 Doom reboot

It could also be assumed that the temperature is the main culprit of violent behavior during the summer. Is there any proof that any of these things cause violent behavior?

No, all of these things may be related by to the weather but it’s improper to assume a direct causation between any of these things.

Ice cream doesn’t cause people to go to the beach, the beach doesn’t throw me into a homicidal rage, and the sight of bikinis doesn’t make me want to eat ice cream. 


Koei Tecmo’s Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Just because I play games with a lot of violence doesn’t mean I, or any other video game fan, is destined to become a serial killer.

Correlations could be made between violent video games and violence, but often this is just like going to the beach in my previous example. The sight of sand isn’t a surefire way to prove violent intent, and not all angry people eat ice cream.

yaiba ninja gaiden z ss 9

Team Ninja’s Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

I’d like to say something in closing to all the future Jack Thompson’s in our darling media – learn a basic rule of statistics. Correlation does not equal causation.

Editor’s Note: Featured image is from Egoraptor’s “Gears of Awesome” parody.

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