No More Heroes III Returning and New Techniques Gameplay Teasers

No More Heroes III

Marvelous has shared gameplay teasers for Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming No More Heroes III, via the game’s Japanese website.

As previously reported, aliens have invaded, and Travis must now enter the intergalactic superhero league to defeat them. Now armed with a Death Glove, he has new special skills that can be upgraded and customized to help carve through enemies, along with new forms.

The Japanese website for the game has had several gameplay clips added over the last few weeks, focused on the game’s major mechanics. These videos were also made available on Twitter via the Japanese Marvelous Twitter account.

As with prior games in the series, Travis’ Beam Katana is powered by a battery, and can run down as he pummels foes. As such, Travis will need to shake it vigorously to charge it. When foes are vulnerable, he can also performing wresting moves on them.

Another returning mechanic seems to be Dark Slide. If players move away the split second before an attack hits or after blocking, they will dodge and enter slo-mo. This gives a perfect time to slash away at foes while they are vulnerable. Weapon Clash struggles will also return, where players must spin the analogue stick (or a make a circular motion with the Joy-Cons) to land a killing blow on a foe, or take massive damage themselves.

Killing blows will summon a slot machine once again, with different positive results depending on what matches you get. Three BARs causes you to enter “Mustang Mode,” increasing your speed and power for a short time, even letting you teleport a short distance to foes. Three bells means you can constantly perform wrestling throws on enemies for a short time.

While we could be mistaken, three lemons seemingly makes your Beam Katana longer for a short time (though this could be the effect of that particular Beam Katana), while cherries grant more money.

Getting three red 7s causes the player to transform into Full Armor Travis, complete with homing missile launchers. As the suit seems to have no other weapon and only one button prompt, it could be players can launch many instant-kill missiles while in this form (similar to past games where Travis could turn into a deadly tiger).

Three green 7s causes a different style of armor to be worn, as well as fully healing the player. This suit seems to have a sword, and many on screen button prompts, suggesting more ways to attack than just the missile launcher.

New techniques are also shown off; all being Death Glove skills. The Death Kick has Travis unleash a devastating drop kick that reduces a foe to a fine alien goo (even killing those nearby), while Death Force tosses enemies away from you. Death Rain summons a floating ring which shoots foes for a short time, while Death Slow creates a field that will slow down nearby enemies that enter it.

You can find all the trailers below.


No More Heroes III launches August 27th on Nintendo Switch.

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