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No More Heroes III

Nintendo Treehouse have show new gameplay for No More Heroes III, during their livestream gameplay segment after the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct.

As previously reported, aliens have invaded, and Travis must now enter the intergalactic superhero league to defeat them. Now armed with a Death Glove, he has new special skills that can be upgraded and customized to help carve through enemies, along with new forms.

The new gameplay from Nintendo Treehouse revealed the game takes place nine years after the events of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, and two years after Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Gameplay wise, players can use the Joy-Cons’ motion controls, but do not have to.

Blood returns once again, with the blood turning into pixels. Each alien will also have its own blood color (what seems to be the basic enemies bleed red), and when decapitated produce rainbow-colored blood. The Death Glove seems to have up to four abilities equipped, with a meter charging as you fight foes.

Players can also earn World End Super Nova currency (or WESN) to power up their various stats; such as attack power, HP, battery gauge, and more. Players can also gain new abilities through this, and WESN currency is earned in both battles and as mission rewards.

Chips from foes can be crafted into chips for the Death Glove, to further tweak your stats. Money can also be sent on sushi to go, which also improves your stats when eaten in battles.

It seems Travis will fight the invading alien bosses within their space-ships, with Rank 9 Gold Joe shown off. The boss uses magnetism, which Travis can abuse to push him into the electric fence.

Bosses also have segmented health bars, which indicates when their phases will change. Players can use a time-machine to re-fight older bosses. Should players die during a boss fight, they can spin a roulette for a bonus when they retry the fight.

Once again, players will be able to deck Travis out in a variety of clothes, with each style also having numerous colors. Suda 51 also confirmed that if players have save data of the first two games on Nintendo Switch, one shirt for each game will be unlocked in No More Heroes III. Nintendo also confirmed this would apply to Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

Minigames with the cat Jeanne also return, attempting to keep her entertained as you throw a ball to her. Jeanne also seems to be able to talk in cut-scenes.

You can find the Nintendo Treehouse Early Look trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Nintendo) below.

Fight your way to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings!

The legendary assassin Travis Touchdown makes his glorious return to the Madness in the No More Heroes 3 game, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™ system!

The evil Prince FU and his band of alien assassins are itching to conquer Earth, and the only thing standing in their way is Travis Touchdown and his crew. Armed with his trusty Beam Katana, new tech, and some killer wrestling moves, Travis must battle to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings and stop the invaders in their stupid tracks.

Experience the latest punk-rock, off-the-wall adventure from SUDA51 and the minds of Grasshopper Manufacture!

No More Heroes III launches August 27th on Nintendo Switch.

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