No Man’s Sky update 4.5 “Omega” available, adds claimable pirate freighters and more

No Man's Sky

Hello Games has announced and released No Man’s Sky update 4.5 “Omega”, bringing with it claimable pirate freighters, new planet missions, and more.

Here’s a rundown on the update, plus a new trailer:

The OMEGA update invites everybody to embark upon a new shared interstellar expedition entirely for free, whether they already own No Man’s Sky or not. Featuring a complete overhaul of expeditions, new on-planet missions, claimable pirate freighters, and much more!

  • PLAY FOR FREE – From 14:00 GMT, Thursday 15th Feb to 18:00 GMT, Monday 19th Feb, the entire Omega expedition will be open to everyone, entirely for free, even if you don’t own No Man’s Sky! This is the best time for players old and new to come together and explore the universe. Find links to play for free within the No Man’s Sky page on all major platform stores.
  • STARBORN RUNNER – Slice through space and atmosphere alike in the ultra-sleek Starborn Runner starship. This unusual ship features a localised vector field allowing it to hover above solid planes.
  • A NEW WAY TO START EXPEDITIONS – Dive into community expeditions directly from existing savegames. Bring along your favourite Starship and Multi-Tool to face the expedition’s challenges in familiar style.
  • SEIZE A PIRATE DREADNOUGHT – Board defeated pirate capital ships to confront the captain and claim their vessel. Take on the universe with your fleet assembled around your very own dreadnought!
  • OMEGA EXPEDITION – Answer the call of the universe in a new community expedition. All participating Travellers begin a journey together on the beautiful planet Nafut Gamma, and plot a course through the galaxy. Explore, build, fight, and more through a diverse set of milestones, and unpick the threads of a mystery involving the past, the present, and what could be…
  • ATLAS PATH REWORK – The classic Atlas Path mission has been given a new breath of life, culminating in a final, consequential, choice. Witness the Atlas in all its grandeur, and decide whether to embrace the path it offers – or deny it. Either path will permanently impact your relationship with the Atlas.
  • ATLAS SCEPTRE – Complete the Omega expedition to claim this limited edition staff Multi-Tool. This unusual ceremonial staff is of mysterious origin, but is said to have been hand-forged by a Korvax Priest Entity, in tribute to the Atlas.
  • PREPARE EXPEDITION PROVISIONS – Bundle up a cache of technology and cargo in preparation for meeting the challenges of community expeditions – all accessible from aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • ACCESSIBLE NOTIFICATIONS – Manually cycle through available notifications to conveniently access mission directives, contextual hints, and general guidance.
  • ATLAS FLIGHTPACK – This lightweight jetpack, powered by a fiery crimson core, is available to all Travellers who complete the Omega expedition.
  • RETAIN EXPEDITION LOOT – Use the Shared Inventory terminal aboard the Space Anomaly to furnish your primary save with resources and technologies earnt during community expeditions!
  • NEW PLANETARY MISSIONS – Alien lifeforms offer rewards for a huge array of new planetary missions, with objectives specific to the alien’s personality, as well as their home planet’s climate, geography and ecology.
  • TWITCH DROPS – Sit back and watch Twitch streamers playing No Man’s Sky Omega to earn in-game rewards. Visit the Twitch Drops page to sign up and link your platform accounts, then tune into the campaign running from Thursday 15th to Monday 19th February.
  • EXPEDITION PERFORMANCE REWARDS – A new wrap-up phase when completing a community expedition tallies up your personal achievements, offering monetary rewards to take back to your main save.
  • ATLAS HEADSHIELD – This exclusive helmet is awarded to all Travellers who complete the Omega expedition. A soft but immutable heartbeat can be heard within…

No Man’s Sky has been available for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.



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