No Man’s Sky Outlaws update lets you become an outlaw or space pirate

No Man's Sky Outlaws update

Hello Games announced and released the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, yet another ambitious update for the sci-fi action sim that let’s you become an outlaw or full-blown space pirate.

The new No Man’s Sky Outlaws update adds a number of new content, features, improvements, and more – most notably the new smuggling system, a new expedition, recruitable squadrons, and the first new starship since the game’s Living Ship update.

The distinction between an Outlaw and a full Space Pirate is noteworthy – while you may become an Outlaw and live outside the intergalactic laws that most inhabited worlds follow, you can also become a full pirate and engage with privateering and in some cases with the new update – full raids. The legendary sci-fi manga / anime Outlaw Star (one of my all-time favorites) also made this distinction.

Here’s a new trailer for the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update:

No Man’s Sky Outlaws update

Introducing No Man’s Sky Outlaws update 3.85 – Become an interstellar rebel in No Man’s Sky Outlaws update 3.85, OUTLAWS! Introducing outlaw systems; the ability to recruit your own squadron of pilots; improved space combat; a stunning Solar Sail Starship, and much more!


  • SOLAR SHIPS – Solar Ships are a new high-tech starship class, with a full and diverse range of procedurally-generated variations. These versatile and efficient long-range travellers come with their own unique technologies, and can be found all across the universe.
  • OUTLAW STATIONS – Across the galaxy, star systems have fallen under outlaw control. System authority has been surrendered to rebel forces, leaving space unpoliced and ripe for piracy. As well having no Sentinel interceptors, outlaw systems have their own technology merchants, their own marketplace for contraband items, their own unique mission agents, and much more…
  • IMPROVED SPACE COMBAT – The risks and rewards of space combat have been rebalanced for challenge, flow and speed.
  • DRAMATIC EXPLOSIONS – Destruction effects for ships, asteroids, freighters and space cargo have all received an overhaul, making gunning down vessels more satisfying than ever.
  • PASSING FRIGATE FLEETS – Gaze up from planetary surfaces to see occasional fleets of frigates thundering across the skies. In addition, the warp and engine effects of all frigates and freighters have been overhauled for additional flair and impact.
  • SMUGGLING – Purchase contraband goods from outlaw stations, then shuttle them across to regulated systems to sell for a large profit. System authorities may now scan passing ships and probe their cargo for illegal goods, with Sentinel interceptors primed to deal with would-be smugglers. Enterprising pilots can install countermeasures in the form of a Cargo Probe Deflector.
  • IN-ATMOSPHERE COMBAT – Skim the tops of mountain ranges in fierce dogfights against outlaw ships or Sentinel system authorities within planetary atmospheres.
  • SHIP CARGO HOLD – Starships can now be fitted with a high-capacity cargo inventory, enabling players to haul more than ever across the galaxies.
  • SQUADRONS – Recruit roaming pilots into your own squadron to accompany you along your journey. These wingmen will automatically warp to your location during space combat, and can be summoned to fly into formation at any time.
  • MANAGE AND UPGRADE YOUR WINGMEN – Inspect the skills, traits, and battle statistics of your squadron recruits from the Manage Fleet terminal on the bridge of your capital ship. Expand your fleet capacity by unlocking additional pilot slots, or train your existing pilots to upgrade their efficiency in combat.
  • EXPANDED STARSHIP FLEETS – Players can now own up to nine starships, giving ship hunters the opportunity to collect a more diverse fleet of ship classes, colours and designs. Additionally, players may now switch their primary starship while within their freighter hangar.
  • CLOTH – No Man’s Sky now features cloth physics simulation, including realistically draping fabrics such as hoods and capes! Visit an Appearance Modifier to try out the new fully-customisable cape designs.
  • SPACE COMBAT AUTOPILOT – The new Starship Combat Auto-Follow option enables automatic target locking capabilities for space combat. This mode locks onto and automatically tracks enemy ships, while still allowing precision adjustments from player input. This mode is enabled in the options menu as a toggle or on hold, allowing players to focus on weapon switching and firing without the need to steer, either as a preference, or an accessibility option.
  • THE BLIGHTED EXPEDITION – Expedition Six: Blighted will be commencing soon! A distant galaxy has been terrorised by pirates known as The Blight – and the time has come for their secret to be revealed! Journey across the stars in search of a mysterious treasure in this brand new narrative-driven expedition. Exclusive rewards for this expedition include the battle-worn Outlaw Cape, a friendly wayward cube for your base, a generous assortment of flags and outlaw-themed posters, a unique starship trail, and more!
  • UNDER A REBEL STAR – Explore the outlaw systems and their motives with a series of new missions and earn rewards such as new titles or the exclusive Shroud of Freedom hood customisation.
  • TWITCH CAMPAIGN – This weekend, from Thursday 14th April to Monday 18th April, a generous selection of rewards is available for players watching No Man’s Sky on Twitch. Tune into streamers with Drops Enabled, then claim the rewards in the game. See full details and get started on the Twitch Drops page!
  • STARSHIP ENERGY SHIELDS – Pirate, trader and sentinel starships now come equipped with energy shields, varying in strength and recharge speed. Take down hostile vessels quickly while their shields are disabled!
  • INTERSTELLAR PIRACY – The profit available to those who would prey on trader ships or passing freighters has been increased, though Sentinel interceptors will now respond to attacks on planetary trade routes… After engaging in acts of space piracy, you can now restore your reputation by presenting a Forged Passport to the Station Core within any regulated space station.
  • STARSHIP WEAPON VARIETY – All starship weapons have been rebalanced to promote tactical decisions during dogfights. Weapons now come with varying levels of damage against shields or hulls, the Cyclotron Ballista will now disable the engines of hostile starships, and the Phase Beam can leech shield energy from its target directly to your own shield systems.
  • UNIQUE PIRATE MISSIONS – Outlaw systems have their own bespoke Bounty Master offering a unique range of procedurally generated missions, all with highly profitable rewards on offer for willing pirates.
  • DAZZLING COMBAT EFFECTS – Space combat has had a visual overhaul, with new and improved effects for both player and NPC ships alike. Improvements include muzzle flashes, lighting, impact effects, projectiles and much more…
  • PLANETARY PIRATE RAIDS – Pirates will now intrude into planet atmospheres to attack buildings and settlements, strafing in from the sky and raining fire down upon the structure and surrounds. Strap into your ship and fend off the raiders to earn new rewards!

In related news – No Man’s Sky is somehow coming to Switch sometime this summer, their latest insane addition to the game. The game has been available for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.



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