No Man’s Sky Halloween 2021 Event and Update Announced

No Man's Sky Halloween 2021 Event

Hello Games has revealed a new No Man’s Sky Halloween 2021 event and update, bringing a spooky narrative-focused expedition to the already massive sci-fi game.

The No Man’s Sky Halloween 2021 event, titled simply “Emergence,” leaves players stranded on a barren, dust storm ravaged planet called Wasan. There’s naturally sandworms all about the planet, however there are new variants in the new update.

The expedition will set players on a quest to find the Titan Worm impact sites and destroy the Hungering Tendrils, so you can collect the Vile Spawn that are left behind. Eventually you’ll discover the secrets of an ancient Vy’keen cult. The new event and update will also let you tame and ride sandworms.

Here’s a brief rundown on the No Man’s Sky Halloween 2021 event and update:

Across the universe, planets have been blighted by the activity of Titan Worms. These colossal sandworms plough through the desert sands, blacking out the sun as they arc overhead, and defiling the very terrain with their cursed dust.

Travellers on this Expedition will find themselves stranded on planet Wasan, a barren world ravaged by dust storms and infested with Titan Worms. It is up to you to locate the Titan Worm impact sites, destroy the wretched Hungering Tendrils, and collect the Vile Spawn that lingers behind. The vessels of the many mouths must be purged!

As travellers cleanse planets of cursed dust and hunt the titanic sandworms, they will unravel the threads of a dark narrative. Complete the expedition route to reveal the history of a dark cult, and ultimately confront the Atlas with evidence of this indelible stain upon the universe.

Here’s a spooky new trailer:

In related news, the insane amount of content and updates added to the game have made No Man’s Sky reviews on Steam “mostly positive” for the first time since the game had a rocky launch years ago – read more about that here in our previous report.

No Man’s Sky is currently available for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.



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