No Man’s Sky Developer is Looking for New Staff Despite More Weather Issues

no man's sky ss 1

First we found out that No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games had their studio almost entirely destroyed in a monumental flood that struck their area. Later, we heard the unfortunate news that their insurance would not cover the damages to their studio, as they were in a flood warning zone, which exempted them from their coverage from water damages.

Now, yet another flood is threatening the Guildford area in the United Kingdom, and Hello Games have barely started the recovery process towards getting a functioning studio again. Despite this terrible encroaching second flood, Hello Games’ have remained vigilant, and they’re also keeping a humorous attitude towards the ordeal:

Despite the entire ordeal, Hello Games revealed that they’re actively looking for new staff members:

It really is downright inspiring to see how optimistic the folk at Hello Games have continually been, and how they’ve been poking fun at the destructive power of mother nature in light of all the damages done to their studio.

We’re still rooting for the team at Hello Games to weather the oncoming flood, and to make a complete recovery of their assets. Lastly, we also hope that they can resume working on the excellent looking No Man’s Sky as soon as possible.



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