No DLC Planned for Dark Souls 2

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In a somewhat strange marketing move, Dark Souls developer From Software has made a statement claiming they will not be releasing any post-launch downloadable content for their hotly anticipated action RPG sequel. Seemingly, this goes for both paid as well as unpaid DLC.

Producer Takeshi Miyazoe was quoted as saying he wants “to deliver a full game, the full experience, to fans who purchase the package from day one.”

Though he acknowledged that they did release additional content for the first Dark Souls, he wanted to make it known that the day one release of the sequel will give everyone who purchases it a full experience without, in his words, “Spending a couple dollars on certain items” that do not help the experience.

Dark Souls 2, in all of its launch day completeness, is due out March 11th in the US for PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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