Nippon Ichi’s Sandbox RPG Fully Revealed, has Protagonist Named “Meme”

The latest Dengeki (also via Hachima) has fully revealed Nippon Ichi Software’s newest gameHakoniwa Company Works.

The PlayStation 4 RPG sim is launching on July 13th this year in Japan. The game will feature both crafting, character progression, as well as gathering and utilizing of construction materials. There’s also a “Drawing” mechanic that lets you create things entirely from scratch.

The protagonist, literally named “Meme Kazamidori,” (voice by Shuka Saito), is described as an upbeat and optimistic girl who used to be part of a famous group.

All of the characters have jobs, and you’ll have to swap between characters at the right moment to fully use their skills. Examples like using more battle ready characters in combat or someone more proficient at digging were cited.

As you gather materials and blocks, you can make buildings and furniture. The type of buildings and furniture you make can also affect your characters in a positive way, strengthening them.

The story is set within “Cloud’s End,” an environment rife with floating islands. While each island has its own culture and people, you join up with a group that is tasked with connecting the people across the islands, via their own requests.

First-run copies of Hakoniwa Company Works come with 100 pieces to use with the in-game “Drawing” system, as well as Nippon Ichi Software characters like Flonne from Disgaea and Chelka from The Witch and the Hundred Knight.



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