Nippon Ichi Software Opens Strange New Countdown Site

NIS 8-9-2016 - 1

Nippon Ichi Software has opened up a new countdown site, but what it is for is anyone’s guess.

You can find it here, and watch a little Kuwagata or Stag Beetle hang around a tank.

The page is currently titled “Nippon Ichi Software’s Summer Kuwagata Observation Project”, and the countdown is set to run until 3:00PM JST on August 10th for Japan. which translates to 2:00AM EDT, 11:00PM on August 9th for PDT, and 6:00AM for GMT.

Also found inside the tank with the Kuwagata beetle at the time of writing this is a calculator, a PS Vita, a 10,000 Yen bill, and what appears to be a name plate that reads セバスチャン or Sebasuchan (Sebastian).

We’ll keep you guys posted.


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