Nippon Ichi Software is Teasing a New Game for This Year

nippon ichi software new years card thumb

Nippon Ichi Software has quite a few tentative un-revealed projects they’ve been teasing lately, and it seems like the teasing isn’t over yet. In a celebratory New Years message, the developer also sent an image showcasing their upcoming titles for the coming new year.

You can view the image below:

nippon ichi software new years card

In the image you can see The Witch and the Hundred Knight, and Disgaea 4 Return. While The Witch and the Hundred Knight is confirmed for a Western release, Disgaea 4 Return has yet to be given the English treatment. Did you notice anything that seems a bit … unfamiliar?

The three faces at the bottom of the image are from an unconfirmed title from Nippon Ichi Software. Surprisingly, Nippon Ichi Software did specify in the New Years message that the three characters are indeed from a “new title of the year.” Could this be one of the games teased by NIS president Souhei Niikawa?

Brandon Orselli


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