Nippon Ichi Software has Revealed the Great Edo Blacksmith, an Erotic Playstation Vita Game

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That titillating PlayStation Vita title that Nippon Ichi Software has been slowly teasing has been revealed via this week’s Dengeki Playstation.

The game is titled Oedo Blacksmith, or in English, Great Edo Blacksmith, and it’s apparently an erotic title that is designed specifically for men in their 20’s. Hints of “gold” and “beautiful women” are also present in the Dengeki piece.

You’ll have to mine for raw materials which in turn will be used to craft armor, swords, and so on. You’ll play as an up and coming blacksmith who has to earn a living and the love of a woman. You’ll be able to hire allies to venture into dungeons with you, as well as a woman touching element, via the handheld’s touch screen.

Here are the three confirmed women that you can pursue romantically:

  • Kiyohana (voice by Izumi Chiba) – She’s known for her side ponytail. She’s mostly upbeat, but she is somewhat of a klutz.
  • Asaka (voice by Tsuji Shizuka) – A woman completely driven by money, she keeps her private and public life segregated. However, she is friendly with customers of hers.
  • Yuugiri (voice by Shizuka Ito) – Yuugiri has a very attractive face and body, but she’s also somewhat clumsy and cynical about life.

Great Edo Blacksmith is coming to Japan on November 27th for PlayStation Vita.

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