Nioh 2 Story Trailer, Post-Launch DLC and Season Pass Detailed

Nioh 2

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have revealed the story trailer for Nioh 2, as well as detailing the post-launch DLC and Season Pass for the game.

The story as explained by Team Ninja Creative Director Tom Lee (via PlayStation Blog), takes place in 1555 Japan (45 years prior to Nioh). The Sengoku period (also known as the Warring States period) has resulted in constant bloodshed, and attracted many yokai.

Protagonist Hideyoshi is a rogue mercenary hunting the yokai in the Mino Province- unable to truly live alongside mankind due to being half-yokai.

After losing control of his powers during a fight, a wandering merchant called Toukichiro used Spirit Stones to help regain control. Now the two work together to find more Spirit Stones that can speak to the yokai, funded by a warlord to ensure they are used properly.

After being attacked by another being seeking the stones, they are saved by a yokai hunter called Mumyo, and the three (fleeing to the Owari Province) end up working for Oda Nobunaga. Their quest to find the Spirit Stones, and preventing evil forces from doing so, is far from over.

Editor’s Note: You can find the Japanese trailer here.

The game’s post-launch DLC and Season Pass plans were also revealed by Lee. Three “major DLCs” are planned, each with gameplay set  prior to the events of Nioh 2, along with new weapons, combat abilities, characters, along with main and sub-missions.

All the DLC will be included in the Season Pass, which is also part of the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition and Special Edition. The Season Pass will also provide “premium in-game items” as a bonus- the Demon Horde armor set, and Kodama Netsuke Charm.

Nioh 2 launches March 13th, on PlayStation 4.

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