Nintendo shuts down 8500+ Yuzu emulator clones

Yuzu emulator

Not long after Nintendo hit the Switch emulator Yuzu with a lawsuit and effectively shut down its main development, the company has shut down thousands of clones for the emulator.

Nintendo has shut down (via Torrentfreak) over 8,500 clones of the Switch emulator Yuzu in a single DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice, all originally found on Github as clones of the original Yuzu emulator code.

“Because the reported network that contained the allegedly infringing content was larger than one hundred (100) repositories, and the submitter alleged that all or most of the forks were infringing to the same extent as the parent repository, GitHub processed the takedown notice against the entire network of 8,535 repositories, inclusive of the parent repository,” the DMCA notice reads.

It’s obvious the result of Nintendo’s earlier lawsuit against the original Yuzu emulator team has led to their flexing of legal precedent in taking down 8,535 clones of the emulator.

Previously, Nintendo claimed that Yuzu was “facilitating piracy at a colossal scale”, only to later have the Yuzu team, Tropic Haze, settle the lawsuit weeks later by ceasing development of the project and paying $2.4 million in damages.

The settlement also barred Tropic Haze permanently from offering Yuzu to download or any of its source code, let alone marketing the emulator.



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