“Nintendo is Irrelevant” says Jason Rubin


An increasingly competitive handheld space thanks to the rise of tablets and smartphones as well as the slow start to the Wii U has led former THQ and Naughty Dog boss to dub Nintendo as Irrelevant in today’s gaming environment.

He goes on to mention how he thinks Nintendo has done nothing but stumble in the console race and he thinks the PS4 and Xbox One will be great successes thanks to an incompetent Nintendo.

In the interview he does seem to specify that he is mainly referring to their hardware division as he makes sure to state that their games are great, but he thinks it’s “crime” that Nintendo games aren’t available on better pieces of hardware.  He also makes sure to add that he thinks Shigeru Miyamoto is one of a kind and there will never be another developer like him.  I don’t know, seems like he was trying to get some heat off of himself for his earlier comments.

Also, I am sure the irony of this coming from a guy who ran a company into bankruptcy isn’t lost on anybody.  Anyway, what do you think?  Even I have to admit that the thought of the next Zelda game on something like PS4 or even PC is a pretty sweet proposition.

You can view the entire interview here.