Nintendo Cuts Wii U Sales Forecast from 9 to 2.8 Million Units, Iwata is Not Resigning

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In a shocking reveal, Nintendo has cut their sales forecast for the Wii U from 9 million units to 2.8 million units. The forecasted operating income was also reduced from 100 billion yen to a loss of 35 billion yen, while the ordinary income was cut from 90 billion yen to only five billion yen. Their net income was also cut unfortunately, seeing a drop from 55 billion yen to a net loss of 25 billion yen.

It’s been well known that the system is struggling to find its footing, but to see their official numbers be altered so drastically is probably going to cue investors asking for Iwata’s head, or his resignation, or both. Instead of Satoru Iwata resigning, he denied the murmurs of his resignation, saying that he intends to stay at the helm of the Kyoto based company, and that he takes full responsibility for the future of Nintendo.

Quite a bold task, although we’ve seen similar pledges from the now president of Sony, Kazuo Hirai.

Iwata also posted a well written explanation explaining the reasons behind Nintendo’s official investors relations portal, and that he promises more information on their short-term and mid-term prospects at the upcoming Corporate Management Policy Briefing, which will be held on January 30th in Tokyo.

The Nintendo 3DS, despite seemingly flourishing on the handheld market, also saw forecast cuts, from 18 million units to 13.5 million units. While this is still a great number (especially in comparison to the Wii U), it’s actually a lower number from the previous year’s 14 million units.


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