Nintendo Censored Story Content in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

While our previous report covered Nintendo removing the lewd costumes in Koei Tecmo’s Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, it seems like the publisher has actually modified (read: censored) the game more than we previously thought.

Featured above, a French user on YouTube has recorded a comparison of both the original Japanese version of the game, as well as the European version.

The key thing of note here is the flashback sequence has the one protagonist Miu Hinasaki wearing her gravure bikini in the Japanese version (as that is literally her profession prior to the events of the game). The European version sees this outfit entirely swapped out for something more tame.

While this isn’t seeing content removed entirely, the context of the flashback is completely lost now that she’s not wearing her gravure bikini – something that she would be doing as part of her career as an idol.

We’ve had a few people asking how the context of this is lost – in this cutscene Miu is saying things like “I’m nothing. Nothing but an empty shell,” as well as “I do whatever I am told. I know all too well what you want… how dumb.” With her wearing less risque clothes, the dark, adult tone behind this scene is lost.

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