Nijisanji wants to hire a bilingual manager assistant for less than $8/hr


Anycolor, the company behind the Nijisanji VTuber company appears to be doing its best to support their English speaking talent, if doing its best means paying their managerial assistants less than $8 USD an hour.

In a job posting available through the company’s site (archive here), you can find a job posting for a part-time manager assistant with the requirement of being able to speak Japanese and English. Nijisanji would also like the applicant to speak Chinese and/or Korean in addition.

Employees can expect to work as much as 5 hours a day and at least 20 hours a week, all for 1,113 Japanese Yen (which at the time of writing is approximately $7.40 USD). You can find a side-by-side translation of the job posting below thanks to Twitter user Sagatibaman.

This isn’t anything new though, as past archives of the job posting go back as far as June 2022 with a similar wage of 1,041 JPY. However Nijisanji and Anycolor have been under increased scrutiny in the wake of their termination of Selen Tatsuki.

The fallout from the termination has seemingly affected Anycolor’s business after initially telling investors that Tatsuki’s impact was “negligible”.

Fans of Selen Tatsuki can find her now at Dokibird on her official Twitter and YouTube accounts. You can find Selen’s “Last Cup of Coffee” music video which Nijisanji doesn’t want you to see here.


The_StrayWolf on Twitter pointed out a clip where the Twitch streamer Kirsche who’s more familiar with Japanese business practices, explains that these types of low-paying entry level jobs are actually common and meant to grab talent that’s graduating from university.

While this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a job offer for less than $8 an hour, we’re including this to provide some additional context.

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