Night Shift Nurses Remake was adjusted for “ethical regulations”

Night Shift Nurses Remake

Night Shift Nurses, a classic eroge visual novel from Japan, is being remade for the modern era, with the game also being “adjusted” for current regulations.

Night Shift Nurses was released by Mink in 1999 and has since spawned OVAs, live-action adaptations, novels, manga and other content.

Titled Night Shift Nurse Remake, the game will be based on the Night Shift Nurses Reprint + edition from 2006, and the official website states that it has been “adjusted to fit the current ethical regulations”.

It is unknown at the current time what exactly this statement means, and whether or not the title’s explicit scenes will be censored or altered in some fashion.

Such censorship is the sad reality of the current gaming/entertainment industry, as the easily offended minority in the west often causes remakes to be censored, and now it seems this is becoming more prevalent in Japan.

Players take on the role of a doctor who has one month to train five females, and during this time, the player can learn their secrets and blackmail them into lewd scenarios. There is also an increased amount of 18+ animations.

The Night Shift Nurses Remake is scheduled to release on February 22nd, 2024 for Windows PC.

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