NieR games will be released “as long as Taro Yoko is alive”, new project underway


Fans dying for another game in the beloved cult classic NieR series will be excited to hear the latest update from its creator, Taro Yoko. More games are apparently coming as Square Enix’s faith in the eccentric creator grows.

Both Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito and NieR creator Taro Yoko appeared at a panel during G-Star 2023 (via 4gamer), during which the duo revealed more NieR games will come so long as the maestro himself breathes.

Saito noted more games in the NieR series will be released “as long as Mr. Yoko is alive.” He quickly added, however, various “circumstances” prevent them from releasing more titles in the series right away.

Both developers appeared in the G-Star 2023 lecture that discussed making games not for “fun” but with a focus on consumers buying them as products.

Yoko noted he designed the game for the “meaning of buying”, not “fun”, and that products can appeal to things other than fun like the love of film or music, and said it’s important to create new reasons for buying games by combining these factors.

Saito echoed this by saying his job as a producer, and any producer for that matter, is to consider games as “products” and to design them to make a profit for the company. He was quick to also note this doesn’t mean they don’t have to worry about quality, a balance must be struck between quality of the work and the product overall.

Lastly, Saito closed up the talk by teasing a new project from both himself and Yoko is currently underway, and they’ll finally be able to speak about it next year.

The most recent release in the series, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, is available on Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out our review here!

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