NieR: Automata New Characters and Voice Cast are Confirmed

Square Enix showed off new characters and confirmed the main voice cast for NieR: Automata today during their NieR Music Concert in Japan.

You can find the new information, artwork, and voice actor information below:

nier automata 04-16-16-2

2B (Yui Ishikawa)

2B is an all-around battle android, set out as a member of the previously detailed infantry, YoRHa. She has a sword for melee combat, as well as a “Pod” support system for long-ranged attacks. Her eyes are covered under her military visor, which she almost never takes off.

She’s described as cool and collected, despite androids being forbidden from exuding emotions.

nier automata 04-16-16-3

9S (Natsuki Hanae)

9S is able to engage in combat, however it is an android that focuses on investigating things. As a member of the YoRHa infantry, he excels in hacking things and obtaining information. He’s described as a friendly, emotional type of android.

nier automata 04-16-16-4

A2 (Ayaka Suwa)

A2 is a prototype deployed within the YoRHa infantry that focuses on melee attacks. Unlike the models 2B and 9S, it was put into use prior to formal, finished product. It doesn’t speak much, and tends to work alone.

Nier: Automata is set for a release on PlayStation 4 sometime later this year, worldwide.

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