NieR: Automata has Multiple Protagonists, Girl/Boy Types, Clothing Destruction

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We’ve gotten some new tidbits of information for Square Enix and Platinum Games’ NieR: Automata, via some interviews over on Famitsu and Dengeki (and curated by Games Talk).

Among the new details are most notably: the game has multiple protagonists, lots of fun with gender types, massive boss fights, and more.

You can find all the information below:

When asked how many protagonists the game has, both game producer Yosuke Saito and game director Taro Yoko seemed a bit contradictory.

“If by ‘actual protagonists,’ then only two characters,” said Saito. “I sort of feel like there are actually three,” said Yoko.

The duo were polled on what the first confirmed protagonist’s gender is. “A girl… type?” answered Saito. “It’s a secret,” teased Yoko. They were asked why they made the one protagonist a female.

“Because I like girls,” said Yoko. “Also, we asked Akihiko Yoshida to make ‘a costume that is easy to cosplay’.” They were asked if there are other gendered androids.

“Their genders are all a secret, but there are ‘girl/boy’ types,” said Yoko. In regards to the significance of the word YoRHa, Yoko confirmed it didn’t really mean anything.

The rest of these snippets are curated by Games Talk and are therefore paraphrased and presented in bulleted form:

  • The androids do the actual fighting in retaking Earth. Humans don’t actually take part in the battles.
  • There are lots of weapons that aren’t revealed yet, “quite a lot” according to Yoko-san.
  • The “pod” ranged attacks can be utilized while the player goes in for closer attacks. You can also use the pod to float, traverse maps, as well as an all-around navigational system (that actually talks, as well).
  • The team is considering pod customizing, but they’re unsure at this point.
  • There’s a possibility for downloadable content costumes for the protagonist 2B.
  • The game features clothing destruction. As 2B takes damage, her skirt will begin to break and fall off, revealing a white leotard underneath.
  • The overall base design for the living mechanizations are the same, however, there will be lots of different colors, parts, and textures – as well as ones you can ride on.
  • The large living mechanization sown in the gameplay trailer isn’t a boss, actually. It’s described as a “small enemy,” while there are massive bosses to fight.
  • You’ll be able to ride a creature akin to a deer, however the warthog shown in the trailer currently isn’t rideable (Yoko-san requested that Platinum Games enable this).
  • NieR: Automata takes place in the same world as the original NieR, albeit in a different time period and with a story that’s not directly connected.
  • The game being developed by Platinum Games means that it might seem too action-oriented, however, they’re developing the game so most people can enjoy it.
  • Saito remarked on Yoko-san’s written plot for the game, saying it has a “happy ending” of sorts. He said the story is so good, you might ask him how it’s even possible to have such a “happy ending.”

The report states the next game update is coming sometime next spring. In case you missed it, you can find the game’s debut gameplay trailer, here.

NieR: Automata is currently in development exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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