NieR: Automata Details Android Component, Similar to Bloodstains in Dark Souls

Square Enix and Platinum Games have announced (via Games Jouhou) new details for an online component within NieR: Automata during a new livestream today.

The game will have an “Android System” similar to what you’d find in the Souls franchise, in that you’re only able to inhabit one android at a time. Upon dying, you’ll leave behind the husk of your android.

Should you reach the fallen android before dying again, you can either recover data (plug-in chips, etc), or repair the android and have it fight alongside you for a limited time. Naturally, this boils down to recovering resources or getting help in a dire situation.

If you’re connected online, you can also repair other players’ androids and have them fight alongside you. It remains to be seen whether or not this means you’ll get their lost resources as well.

The game will also get downloadable content, which is being developed at the behest of 9S voice actor Natsuki Hanae. While Hanae is hoping for a costume of Caim from Drakengard for 2B, we don’t have any details just yet. A free PlayStation 4 theme will be available for the game on February 22nd.

NieR: Automata launches March 7th for PS4, with a PC release coming later this year. A demo for the game is available on PlayStation 4.

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