Nier and Drakengard Creator Taro Yoko Opens His Own Studio, Bukkoro

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While Taro Yoko, the creator behind both the Drakengard and the Nier series, is known for making titles under Square Enix – he’s just announced his own company, called simply Bukkoro (which literally translates into ‘to beat to death’).

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Details are currently scant, but the official website for the studio features some familiar artwork (shown above) by his wife, Yukiko Yoko.

It’s worth mentioning that Yukiko is one of the main illustrators behind the Taiko: Drum Master series. The above caption reads “I don’t really know any information..”

The only confirmed staff thus far are Taro Yoko himself, his wife Yukiko, and Hana Kikuchi, who also worked on both Nier and Drakengard 3.


There’s a final tease of sorts with the above illustrations, which read “Sometime soon,” and the latter “It’s not done, so let’s run away!”, both of which are under the work achievements section.

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Finally, there’s a section featuring purchasable LINE stamps, all done by Yukiko Yoko, some drawn with characters Pre and Zen, while the other characters are hilariously called Sausage Dogs. All the stamps can be purchased for $0.99 each.

It’s uncertain if Bukkoro will be developing video games, however, considering the current staff on board – it simply makes sense they’ll be working on something game-related. Perhaps Bukkoro will be handling the Nier-successor’s development, with Platinum Games?



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