NicheCast Episode 91 – Remakes, Remasters, Random Sequels

NicheCast Episode 91

The NicheCast is Niche Gamer’s regular podcast where we talk up the latest gaming news and events, as well as unique games, niche games, weird games, whatever you want to call them—we love them and we know you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast, too.

Niche News of the Week

  • The Niche News are now part of our brand-new Niche News video series, as seen on our YouTube

Staff in this Episode

  • Brandon Orselli
  • Fingal Belmont
  • Michael Valverde

Topic of the Week

  • The onslaught of remakes and remasters continues, the corporate machines must be fed, the consumers must consoom. Now, we’re also getting blindsided by random sequels to once-beloved games or series. Does anyone want these? Do people buy them? We talk up consumerism this week.

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