Niche Spotlight – Worshippers: Slavic Fantasy Digital CCG Boardgame

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Today’s Spotlight is Worshippers, a light 4X game with CCG elements by Brainwashing Games.

Worshippers is set in a low fantasy world based on Slavic mythology. The old gods have forsaken the world, but a mysterious sage now wanders from village to village with tales of new deities looking to bring salvation to the fractured tribes. You control one of these new gods on a quest to spread your divine authority throughout the land.

The game is divided into quick, turn-based scenarios that can be completed in about 30 minutes. Build decks of cards representing your followers and use them to conquer procedurally generated maps so you can unlock even more cards and abilities. You can check out the original launch trailer above.

Worshippers is available on Windows PC via Steam for $9.99, and it’s currently 50% off.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Old gods have forsaken us, but there is still hope. Mysterious sage is wandering from village to village, bringing stories about new powerful idols. Ten nights, ten stories to be told. Would it be enough to convert locals to the way of new gods? Time will tell. Sit around a fire and listen to stories about gods and theirs worshippers.

Worshippers is a fast-paced strategy combined with collectible card game. Take control over small tribe and help them survive in the hostile land. With every scenario unlock new cards, that can be used in developing your own unique strategies!

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced, easy to learn (but no so easy to master) strategy game!
  • Single scenario could be finished in half a hour!
  • Combination of turn-based strategy and collectible card game.
  • Low fantasy world based on slavic mythology.
  • Explore and conquer randomly generated maps!
  • Engaging, tactical combat system!
  • Over 150 different cards!
  • 4 different gods to choose!
  • Create your own decks and strategies!

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