Niche Spotlight – Warp Drive

Warp Drive

Today’s Spotlight is Warp Drive, a quirky and colorful racing game by Supergonk.

Drive a high-speed quad rotor with the ability to teleport short distances to get ahead of your competition. Compete in a series of dynamically generated tournaments with some randomized elements so you can earn cash to upgrade your quad rotor between races. Warp Drive also features a soundtrack composed in part by Hideki Naganuma of Jet Set Radio fame. You can find the launch trailer below.

Warp Drive is available on Windows PC (via Steam) for $12.99, and through the Apple Arcade subscription service.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

WARP DRIVE is a fast-paced, arcade style racing game with a brand new way to drive: instantly TELEPORT around the track to find shortcuts and hidden routes! Take control of your QUAD ROTOR RACER, equip a Warp Module, and enter a series of high-speed tournaments to test your skills and creative driving abilities. Drive on the ceiling, jump huge canyons and race up waterfalls in an epic inverted racing battle!

Compete in a series of dynamically generated tournaments, with random options providing a different experience every time you play! UPGRADE your car between races, gradually adding more capabilities to DRIFT, BOOST, or WARP your way to victory. Follow the advice of your outspoken manager, Lenny, or just ignore whatever he says… what do aliens know about racing, anyway?!

WARP DRIVE: Race! Warp! Win!

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