Niche Spotlight – Vigilantes: DIY Crime-Fighting Corporation

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Today’s Spotlight is going to focus on Vigilantes, a turn-based tactical RPG that came out on Steam last week from Timeslip Softworks.

The city of Reiker is under siege, plagued by deep-rooted corruption, crime syndicates, and fanatical doomsday cults. With an understaffed police force incapable of handling the city’s problems, its time to take things into your own hands.

As the name implies, Vigilantes tasks you with leading a secretive organization of hardened crime fighters trying to clean up the city. Start by taking down low level street thugs and gradually work your way up the chain of command by running surveillance operations and interrogating criminals.

Customize your characters with a vast arsenal of guns and gadgets, and increase their combat potential with the UPLIFT system, with comprises of six basic stats, special skills, and perks.

As you gain the attention of criminal leaders, they will begin actively trying to track you down and set up ambushes with gangs of well-equipped veteran thugs.

Enemies also have a morale system that may cause them to attempt to flee during combat. While fleeing enemies might make the current battle easier, anyone that escapes could come back in future missions with better equipment and skills. You can check out the launch trailer above.

Vigilantes is now available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $14.99. It’s also currently 10% off as part of a launch discount.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Vigilantes is a combat focused, turn-based tactical RPG set in the declining, crime riddled city of Reiker. The game offers hardcore squad-level combat in a gritty neo-noir setting, intel gathering through surveillance and interrogation, a detailed character system, base building, crafting, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Party-Based Tactical Combat System, including lethal and non-lethal attacks, powerful perk-based activated abilities, attacks of opportunity, cover, aimed and special attacks.
  • Deep Character System: build the ultimate crime-fighting team using the UPLIFT system which comprises 6 stats, 9 skills and allows for a variety of viable builds. Further customise your characters with over 60 perks.
  • Gather Intel: Run surveillance and interrogate defeated enemies to locate each gang’s leadership and facilities.
  • Adversary System: If an enemy manages to flee, they will become more powerful and you will have to face them again later. Take them down quick!
  • Reactive AI: An enemy that reacts to your actions, by setting up ambushes, and is responsible for recruitment, building facilities, improving gang equipment and training.
  • Crafting: Upgrade weapons from 9 distinct classes and craft special items, such as hot-loaded ammo, armour, and medical items.
  • Base Building: Build and upgrade 5 facilities (gym, library, firing range, surgery, workshop) to gain bonuses and access advanced crafting options.
  • Story: Experience the hard-boiled story of a group of vigilantes waging war against the overwhelming might of the criminal underworld. Gain advantages in combat through skill checks and choices in dialogue, and help out citizens in need.

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