Niche Spotlight – Unworthy: Monochromatic Metroidvania With No Jumping

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Today’s Spotlight is Unworthy, a monochromatic 2D Metroidvania by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games that released back at the end of May.

You play as a nameless warrior that is neither alive nor dead, hoping to finally find eternal rest by purging the land of the disturbing creatures that brought it to ruin. What sets Unworthy apart from other combat-focused 2D Metroidvanias is the complete lack of a jump function.

Much like the Souls-like games that obviously inspired it, Unworthy focuses on slow and deliberate combat with your trusty sword and shield. Character building is less about directly leveling up your character and more about acquiring new weapons, as well as new abilities for your existing arsenal. You can find the launch trailer above.

Unworthy is available on Windows PC via Steam and GOG for $14.99, and its currently 25% off.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

At Death’s Door
Robbed of life and unworthy of death, a nameless warrior wanders a ruined landscape in search of meaning…

A Hardcore Metroidvania…
UNWORTHY is a hardcore combat-focused metroidvania without jumping. You play a warrior, risen from the grave. Equipped with sword and shield, you must traverse a bleak and hostile world swarming with creatures of nightmare. Your patience, determination and skill will be put to the test, as you fight against epic bosses, uncover powerful weapons and abilities, and attempt to prove your worth.

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