Niche Spotlight – Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen

Today’s Spotlight is Unfortunate Spacemen, a free-to-play co-op multiplayer shooter by Geoff Keene and New Blood Interactive.

Players assume the role of ground troops for “The Company” as they defend remote outposts from waves of horrible alien creatures. Unfortunately, not everyone is who they seem to be, as there could be a shapeshifting monster hiding among your squad, ready to pick you off one by one.

Unfortunate Spacemen has several game modes, including co-op for up to 6 players, a horde mode for up to 10 players, and a larger scale mode with randomized objectives and maps for up to 16 players. Voice chat in the game is based on proximity, encouraging players to stick together, but also allowing the monster players to eavesdrop on their prey.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Unfortunate Spaceman is free-to-play on Windows PC via Steam.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:


Unfortunate Spacemen is a multiplayer game about space-based murder in space! Spacemen work diligently to be rescued from their failing outpost, but not everyone is who they claim to be… Death is part of life in space, and you’re no exception to the rule. Paranoia runs rampant.

  • Shapeshifter Mode: Survive, hunt, or complete randomized objectives to escape, in desolate settlements, arctic outposts, derelict space stations, warp-speed hypertrains, or ancient digsites across 15 distinct alien locales, and up to 16 players per match!
  • As a Spaceman, complete objectives to call for rescue, or go hunt the Monster in packs!
  • Mimic and devour the Spacemen as the Monster from the blackest reaches of the galaxy! Lay traps, disguise as other players, or take them head-on in your devestating Monster Form!
  • Solo / Co-op Story Mode: Fight against the Crumerian insect swarm as you battle with up to 5 friends through the bonus story mode!
  • Solo / Co-op Survival Mode: Survive with up to 9 other friends for as long as you can against progressively more difficult waves of enemies!
  • Proximity Chat: All in-game communication fades with distance from the speaker, so you can roam, sneak, hide, and eavesdrop as you hunt or run from other players!
  • Security Guards (Bots) roam the facility. Use them to help learn the ropes and practice, or just add them for more chaos to a multiplayer game!
  • Rank up through The Company to unlock new customization and perks to customize your look and your playstyle!

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