Niche Spotlight – Terra Ventura

Terra Ventura

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Terra Ventura, an old school-inspired isometric action-RPG by Logical Progression Games.

Terra Ventura is an isometric action-RPG inspired by old school classics from the ’90s. Choose from one of four character archetypes – Archer, Musketeer, Explorer, and Fighter – and explore a hand-crafted medieval fantasy world.

Progress your character by purchasing upgrades from 6 different skill paths. Delve into dungeons to acquire randomized loot and powerful runes to further customize your character. Combat takes place in real time, and focuses on kitting enemies to get into better positions and using your skills, abilities, and items at the best time to maximize their effectiveness.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Terra Ventura is available on Windows PC and Linux via Steam for $14.99.

You can find a rundown on the game below:

Terra Ventura is a classic style action RPG combined with modern, streamlined sub-systems; random loot, skill tree paths, player development and character customization. Push your way through the handcrafted maps using real time combat or acquired skills.


  • SELECT PLAY STYLE – Select your character with distinct characteristics and abilities from four different characters, each with inherent advantages – Archer, Musketeer, Explorer or Fighter.
  • DEVELOP SKILLS and ABILITIES – Develop your character through skill tree paths, gain powerful bonuses by collecting runes and improve basic skills. Invest into explosives path, attacking path, health path, alchemy path, materials path or into unique character specific skill tree branch.
  • COLLECT LOOT AND MANAGE INVENTORY – Get lucky or get unlucky. Variety of items can be obtained randomly across the maps. Loot gold and silver coins or find armor, weapons and other inventory items. Visit alchemist, smith, merchant or tailor to buy additional items, trade or repair gear.
  • EXPLORE FANTASY WORLD – Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy world. You will encounter a town setting, underground caves, lava lakes, winter conditions, toxic wastelands, desert dunes and much more. Approach situations with hack and slash combat or use acquired skills. You will encounter 30 enemies with different abilities and strengths.

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