Niche Spotlight – Spaceland

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Today’s Spotlight is Spaceland, a new turn-based tactics game by Tortuga Games, the developers of the Braveland series.

Like Tortuga’s previous titles, Spaceland seeks to break down a complicated genre into something more manageable that can be played in 15 to 30 minute bursts. You can find the launch trailer above.

Inspired by XCOM, Spaceland allows you to lead a squad of upgradable soldiers as you raid alien bases on a mysterious planet. Research new technology and upgrade your capabilities between missions to take on greater alien threats.

Spaceland is available on Windows PC via Steam for $14.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Perhaps the most dynamic turn-based strategy in the spirit of XCOM. Less covers, more action. Land on the lost planet and give the mutants hell. Shoot, kick, blow, crush. You will gather the most desperate team of fighters and unravel the secrets of the mystical planet in the best traditions of science fiction genre.

Inspired by old school strategies
Spaceland is an old school turn-based strategy game. Inspired by the classic XCOM, Laser Squad, Incubation and the brilliant science fiction novels by Heinlein, Sheckley and Harrison, it’s a great opportunity to touch the classics in the new reading.

Fast tactical battles
Rapid battles lasting 10-15 minutes. Destroy the dangerous inhabitants of the mysterious planet. Invulnerable brontors, swift creepers, mutants and many others will stand in the way of a fearless squad. And, of course, you will be confronted by cunning and treacherous bosses at the end of each chapter.

Space adventure
Dive deep into a colorful fantastic story about a lost planet and a team of valiant space rangers. Rich dialogues will reveal the characters of the squad members and will uncover interesting details of their biography. Specialty atmosphere from the creators of Braveland will excite you until the very end.

Futuristic equipment for your squad
Get all the kinds of special equipment for use in battles. Dash thrusters, grenades, teleports, mines, power shields and much more. Give your heroes special abilities and invent unexpected tactical moves.

Key Features

  • The game is inspired by the best turn-based strategies of the old school – XCOM, Incubation, Laser Squad
  • A unique blend of dynamic turn-based battles lasting 10-15 minutes
  • Make a squad from 7 space rangers, each with a unique fighting style
  • The story of the mysterious planet in the spirit of the «golden age» of science fiction
  • Colorful hand-drawn map of the game world
  • Assault rifles, machine guns, plasma guns, grenade launchers as well as and many other primary and secondary equipment to enhance your fighters
  • 20 different types of fierce enemies: from alien critters to vile monsters
  • Upgradable futuristic equipment, giving your fighters new special abilities
  • Rich dialogues between your team members, revealing unexpected plot details
  • Colorful special effects that transform a turn-based battle into an exciting action
  • And, of course, the party headliners – treacherous bosses at the end of each story chapter

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Frank was a former Niche Gamer contributor.