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Melancholy Love

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Melancholy Love, a yuri romance visual novel by White Dew Games and Kikai Digital.

Melancholy Love follows the growing relationship between Qianxun and Mianxue, two students attending a prestigious high school for girls. The two are from totally opposite sides of society, with one being the privileged daughter of a wealthy and influential family, and the other being a juvenile delinquent full of resentment.

Though the duo initially despise each other, they slowly develop a friendship that might blossom into something more. The game features full Mandarin voice acting, as well as three potential endings to discover.

You can find the release trailer below.

Melancholy Love is available on Windows PC, and Mac (both via Steam) for $8.99 USD.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Amidst the garden of scented dreams,
Elite and misfit, two extremes

One stands in spotlight, one cast in shadows.
How will sparks flare as feelings grow?

As flowers bloom in the labyrinth.
A lone Miss Saigon stands among the hyacinths.

Like an apologetic, regretful dove,
tells the story of melancholic love.

Melancholy Love is a coming-of-age yuri visual novel set in a private girls’ academy. It’s a romantic journey that follows an elite student born to privilege and a delinquent who wishes to break free from the chains of the academy.

How will sparks fly between these two people from different worlds? Will their love overcome all obstacles or will their differences be too great and drive them apart?


  • A Romantic Yuri Story
  • Full Mandarin Voice Acting
  • An unforgettable Soundtrack
  • Stunning CG Artwork and Backgrounds
  • Three Endings

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