Niche Spotlight – Main Assembly

Main Assembly

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Main Assembly, a sandbox construction game by Bad Yolk Games and Team17 that recently left Early Access.

Main Assembly is a construction game that gives players the freedom to create whatever they want using a deep yet accessible building engine with visual programming. Create simple or complex contraptions like cars, flying machines, or walkers and put them to the test in race tracks and obstacle courses.

Play alone, or bring some friends along in online multiplayer. You can also easily share your creations using the Steam Workshop. The launch also introduces the Final Frontier update, adding a space station with zero gravity.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Main Assembly is available on Windows PC via Steam for $19.99.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

You’re the designer, engineer and architect if you can imagine it you can create it! Construct robots of any shape or size from eight-legged spider bots to eerie UFO contraptions. Engineer each and every appendage with powerful visual programming letting you dictate the bots every move. When you’ve completed your masterpiece, open the world builder and craft the ultimate obstacle course to push your bot to its limit.

Imagination is more important than knowledge
Alone or with fellow inventors, envision your design then make it a reality.

You can do anything you want. This is your world
Create a world in which your bots will be challenged. Craft tracks for racing or complex obstacle courses that tease out all those lovely design flaws you didn’t know you had.

Alone we are drone; together we are drones
Show off your designer skills first-hand with up to three friends. Build worlds together to challenge each other’s bots in different obstacles courses and tracks. Or smash each other’s creations into metallic pulp (more coming soon).

Who dares wins
No friends? No problems. We’ve created a single-player mode with over 100 challenges to test your inventions.

Visualize the code
Don’t panic, we don’t expect you to code in C# (we’re doing that). In fact, it’s entirely optional, but if you’re up to the challenge we’ve designed a powerful visual programming tool for you to enhance your creations.

Share, share, share
Add (or take) from the thousands of already created bots and worlds hand-crafted by our dedicated fans from all over the globe.

There’s no creation without destruction
If you want to test the limits of your construction, then drive it off a cliff.

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