Niche Spotlight – Kubifaktorium


Today’s Niche Spotlight is Kubifaktorium, a voxel-based colony management sim by Mirko Seithe that just released from Early Access.

Build a thriving, industrious colony from scratch with just a handful of highly motivated settlers and ambitious goals. Send your colonists out to gather resources, farm crops, construct buildings, and craft useful items.

As your colony grows, you can begin to automate more complex tasks with machinery, build intricate networks of conveyer belts, and research a wide range of transportation methods to quickly move raw materials where they are needed most. Kubifaktorium also features mod support with full Steam Workshop integration. You can find the launch trailer below.

Kubifaktorium is available on Windows PC and Linux via Steam for $19.99.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

What is Kubifaktorium?

Build, manage and grow a thriving settlement in Kubifaktorium, a relaxed voxel-based colony management and automation game. The game features multiple biomes to explore, plenty of resources to exploit, complex transport systems and automations to build and interesting production chains to master.

  • Colony Building and Management – The heart of your colony consists of loyal colonists who will gather resources, farm crops and craft tools and weapons. Every colonist is unique, with their own set of skills which evolve based on the jobs they perform. Managing your colonists’ needs and abilities is vital to ensuring your colony’s efficiency.
  • Different Biomes – In the course of the campaign you will explore and colonize multiple islands and encounter four different biomes. Each biome features new challenges but also new resources to discover and process.
  • Logistics and Transportation – As your colony grows and your production hums along, transporting the resources you need becomes more and more challenging. Kubifaktorium features a number of transportation systems like trains, conveyor belts, zeppelins and more. Automated depots and inserters are there to help you store, sort and keep track of all your goods.
  • Automation – While your colonists are highly motivated, their work power is limited. Fortunately, your colonists know how to craft advanced machinery like automated farms, smelters, crushers etc., which you can use to automate more and more of your production.
  • Mod Support – Kubifaktorium is built to be mod friendly and allows players to create anything from localizations, new goods and industries to total conversions with new terrains and scenery. The game supports publishing and sharing mods via the Steam Workshop.
  • User Interface and Accessibility – The game is designed to be easy to learn and hard to master. Multiple tutorials and extensive tooltips will teach you the game’s mechanics. The game’s campaign is built to introduce the different mechanics over time. Finally, a recommendation system can help you along when playing custom maps.
  • Development – The game was inspired by games like Factorio, Gnomoria, The Settlers, Stonehearth and Rimworld. Kubifaktorium has been successfully Kickstarted in August 2018. The game has received hundreds of bug fixes and content patches since. The game will release on December 16th, 2021.

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