Niche Spotlight – Grapple Force Rena

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Today’s Spotlight is Grapple Force Rena, the latest 2D platformer by GalaxyTrail, the developers behind Freedom Planet.

You play as Rena, a young girl trying to save her village from an invasion of mysterious automatons. Featured above, you can watch a trailer for the game.

As the name implies, Grapple Force Rena‘s core mechanics revolve around Rena’s grapple bracelets. The game’s freeform grapple mechanics allow you to swing from just about any surface in the environment, including your enemies. The game has a free demo on its Steam page.

Grapple Force Rena is available on Windows PC and Linux via Steam for $14.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

In this unique action platformer, use Rena’s magical ‘grappling bracelets’ to latch onto any surface – not confined to specific ‘grapple points’, you can swing freely through the game’s varied environments. You’ll come up against some fierce foes, but don’t fret! By grabbing enemies and tossing them into each other, you can make quick work of any threat. Creatively use the environment and your enemies’ powers against each other to turn the tables in your favor! Inspired by the mid-90’s action games of legendary developer Treasure Co. Ltd, Grapple Force Rena combines the familiar aesthetics of the 16-bit era with its own unique brand of grappling gameplay.

You’ll join Rena through 30 challenging courses as she saves her home village from the invasion of a mysterious automaton army, diving head-first into adventure and finding herself caught up in a grander conspiracy than she may have expected. Coming into contact with a cast of colorful characters, enemy and ally alike, she’ll get closer and closer to unwrapping the mysteries of her own arcane artifact and those of others – and learn just what it takes to be a real hero!

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